Garter Stitch Cup Cozy

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Since fall is starting here in Tennessee, I thought I'd share a SUPER easy knitting pattern I whipped up a few days ago. I decided that since I'm probably going to be drinking ungodly amounts of Starbucks this fall, I needed to spruce up my cup a bit. I'm really happy with how this cup cozy turned out! Doesn't it just scream fall?? :) The pattern is super simple and only took a couple hours to finish. Hope you enjoy it!


size 8 knitting needles 
size G crochet hook 
tapestry needle 
Worsted weight wool yarn. I used Lion Brand’s Fisherman’s wool in Oak Twead, but any worsted weight yarn will do. 
crochet heart, you can find a tutorial here: 
garland/  (I’ve tested several patterns, and like this one the best.) 
buttons (2) 

The cozy is worked holding two strands of yarn.

Holding two strands of yarn, loosely CO 12 stitches. 
Row one: K all stitches. 
Continue in garter stitch until piece measures nine inches.  
Once piece is desired length, loosely BO.  
Crochet button loops: *Using one strand of yarn and crochet hook, insert hook into second stitch and draw up a loop. Ch 10. Insert hook in second stitch from chain and draw up a loop. Turn. Work 15 sc into chain loop. Bind off. * Work from * to * on other side for second button loop. 
Finishing: Sew crochet heart to middle of work. Sew on buttons about ¾ inch from edge. Weave in yarn ends. 

That's it! Super easy and cute, right? I hope you're enjoying your first week of October. Happy fall!


  1. Hello.
    I have a question about this pattern. I am mostly a knitter and I'm just teaching myself to crochet so this may be a stupid question.
    For the button loops: The pattern says to chain 10 and then sc 15... but my understanding of crochet is I would end up sc 1 less than the number I chained... so 9.
    How do I get 15? The only thing I could possibly think of is sc back and forth between the rows until I hit 15... but that doesn't sound right to me either... especially because I don't think the math adds up.
    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Sorry for the confusion! Once you've made your chain 10 you need to slip stitch back into the body of the piece to create the loop. Then turn the work and sc 15 into the loop, not each individual stitch. Hope this helps!


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