Cross Stitched Boxes

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ages and ages and ages ago, I bought these really wonderful boxes at an estate sale and immediately began imagining what they would look like if the tops were cross stitched. I was sooooo excited about these, but then, unfortunately, they did not get finished for a very, very long time. (Like most of my crafty endeavors lately.) After almost a year of just chilling out at my apartment, I finally finished the last box about a week ago! It felt so good to finish an embroidery project because it has been way too long since my last one! I haven't decided what each of the boxes will be used for (the tea box will probably hold tea), but I can't wait to put them to good use and see how pretty they look around my apartment!

For those who are curious, these are where the patterns came from: 

The pattern on the large box came from the May 2013 issue of Cross Stitcher Magazine.
The pattern on the medium box came from here.
And, unfortunately, I cannot find the link to the last little box. But I will put it up here as soon as I figure out where I got it!!

I've been slowly working on several other projects lately (embroidery, knitting, crochet, etc.), but none of them are quite ready to be shared. Hopefully there will be lots to share in the near future, but let's face it, graduate school is hard and it makes me very busy. :(

Happy crafting!

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