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Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 has been a big year! I wanted to make a Christmas ornament that will always remind Tyler and I of where we were in 2014. This Christmas, Tyler and I are engaged and it's our puppy's first Christmas! What better way to remind us of this year than with a picture of the three of us?? I love this picture of Tyler, Ned and I and thought it would be perfect for an ornament. :)

The ornament is very easy to make and only takes about thirty minutes. I'm thinking this should become a tradition in our family. Whenever a major event happens in our lives that we want to remember (wedding, kids, etc.), I will make an ornament for our tree. In the end, we will have a bunch of Christmas ornaments reminding us of everything we've been through together!

- Circular "frame": I traced a circle on a piece of cardstock and added a 1/2 in border. When cut out it should look like a ring. (My ring ended up being about 4 in. in diameter,  but use whatever size works well with your photo.)
- Photo, cut into a circle to fit inside the frame
- DK weight yarn
- Size H crochet hook (or size recommended on yarn)
- Embroidery floss (one color that matches the yarn and one white)
- Embroidery needle
- Scissors

- Round One: Sc around the circular frame. It doesn't matter how many sc, it just needs to be a number divisible by six. Make sure you squeeze the stitches in tightly so that the cardstock underneath doesn't show.
- Round Two: *Skip 2 sc, work (2 dc, ch 3, sl in third chain from hook, 2 dc in original sc) in next stitch, skip 2 st, sl in next stitch*, repeat from * to * around.
- Ch 20, slip into top of frame. Bind off and weave in ends.

- Position the photo inside the frame. Using needle and embroidery floss similar to color of yarn, attach the photo to the back of the frame. I just used a running stitch around the edge of the circle.
- Write "2014" in a blank area of the picture. Use back stitch to embroider the numbers. Be careful not to make the stitches too small, because the photo paper is easy to rip.

I hope you enjoy the pattern! What memories do you want to remember from 2014? 


  1. What a great pattern! Thank you! :) :)

  2. I love the look of this. I need to do this somewhere in
    My home. Thanks!
    Picture Framing London

  3. What size hook did you use for this? I don't see it listed in the materials. Thanks!

    1. Sorry about that! I bought a skein of DK weight and used the recommended size, which in this case was an H (5 mm.)


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