12 Crafts of Christmas || Embroidered Leather Ornaments

Monday, December 8, 2014

These yarn-embroidered leather ornaments are incredibly easy to make and I love how natural they look! The combination of the natural leather and the craftiness of the yarn is so unique and special. I always love embroidering on things other than the typical cloth and embroidery hoop. 

- rectangular pieces of leather (mine were 3 in. X 5 in.)
- worsted weight yarn
- tapestry needle
- scissors
- leather punch kit (I used this one)
- hammer
- cutting board
- marker

- Mark where you want your holes on the back of the leather pieces. It helped me to draw the design out on a notecard, cut it out and use that as a guide for the holes. (Since I'm not that great at drawing symmetrical stars and trees, it also helped me to use a cookie cutter to trace the design.) Don't forget to put a hole in the top for the hanger.
- Use your leather punch and hammer to create the holes. Be sure you use a strong cutting board underneath!
- Use your tapestry needle and yarn to sew on your design. When sewing, the yarn needs to be tight, but make sure it's not so tight that your leather bunches. Tie off the ends.
- Attach a loop of yarn into the top hole for the hanger.

I hope your Christmas season is off to a great start! Be sure to check out all of the other crafts in my 12 Crafts of Christmas series!

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