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Friday, July 10, 2015

As someone who loves cross stitch and embroidery, I always have embroidery hoops lying around the house. I pick them up whenever I find them on sale at craft stores or in yard sales. However, I've never given much thought to the things I could do with the hoops themselves. Until now that is. :)

Art || This embroidery hoop orb from AKA Design is gorgeous! I've seen things like this at several stores, but they always come with a pretty hefty price tag. I can't wait to try my hand at this DIY! Since I've got several embroidery hoops and some wood stain on hand, this project will end up being completely free!

DIY || This embroidery hoop photo display from Natalme is such a clever way to display photos! We just got our wedding pictures in not too long ago. I may just have to print off our black and whites and make myself a similar photo mobile!

Outside || I love the look of this hanging planter from Northstory! Isn't it funny how something so simple can look so beautiful??

Decor || This embroidery hoop display from Bower Power is lovely! Who knew hanging embroidery hoops on the wall could look so stunning? Why did I never think to just put them all up on the wall??

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