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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I've always been the kind of person that preferred antique everything. So we decided to incorporate that as much as we could into our wedding. I had so much fun finding vintage treasures to use in our wedding!

Milk Glass || We did a milk glass theme throughout the entire wedding. I scoured estate sales and antique stores for months and bought as much milk glass as I could! We used the milk glass for centerpieces, the photo booth and anything else that needed a container. I even asked the cake baker to make the wedding cake look like hobnail milk glass! The best part is, now I have a rather extensive collection of milk glass that I can use around our new house! :)

On a side note, when I told my husband I wanted to use milk glass, he looked at me funny and said, "Wouldn't milk jugs look kinda dumb?" Apparently he had never heard of milk glass! lol

Initials || I found these letters at an antique store and knew they would look great at the wedding! They went really well with the embroidered initials I posted about here!

Handkerchiefs || As a wedding favor, I gave each of the women at the wedding a vintage handkerchief. These were so much fun to find! It took a while, but after scouring antique stores throughout East Tennessee, I was able to find about 50 of these beauties! :) I was pretty picky about the handkerchiefs I included. I only chose pieces that had embroidered flowers on them. They looked great and the women at the wedding really appreciated the gift!

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  1. Say, Happy First Year Anniversary. Your Wedding Cake was beautiful & cute With the Bride & Groom Legos.

    Happiness to you,


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