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Saturday, September 5, 2015

For our vintage-style wedding, I really wanted to include as many hand-made pieces as I could. And since I love the look of embroidery, I decided that was definitely the way to go. I had so much fun designing and stitching pieces for our wedding!

Table numbers || These were by far, the most time consuming thing I did for the wedding, but they were also my favorite! I love how these table numbers turned out! For these, I printed numbers off of Word, traced them onto my fabric and stitched an outline stitch. Easy peasy! But it took FOREVER! Now that the wedding is over, I hate to just have them packed away in a box somewhere. They are far too pretty for that! My hope is that Tyler and I have a little girl sometime in the future, and I can use them as nursery decor! :)

Initials || I made several of these simple letters to display around the venue. The blue one was a pattern I purchased from What Delilah Did. For the multicolored one, I just printed off a T on Word, traced it onto my fabric, and filled it in with lots of lazy daisies. (How to here.) I filled the center of the daisies with French knots so there wouldn't be any white areas inside the T.

Thank you to Blaicher Photography for our beautiful photos!

Be sure to check out what I did with chalkboards in this post! And stay tuned for a post about the antique pieces we used throughout!

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