Triangle Knit Pillow

Saturday, January 16, 2016

It's pretty embarrassing how long ago I started working on this pillow. I would guess it's probably been at least six months.... I have a tendency to work on about eight different projects at a time. Meaning it takes me a ridiculously long amount of time to get anything done. What can I say, I guess I have a short attention span!

Anyways, round of applause for me for FINALLY getting something done!!

Now that its finished, I'm really loving the ombre colors combined with the unique texture of the fabric. The pattern seems a bit complicated at first, but once you've worked through it once, it gets really simple. It's a perfect project for TV watching and road trips! 

- 3 colors worsted weight yarn
- size 9 knitting needles ( I swear by Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Needles and use them for EVERYTHING)
- embroidery scissors
- yarn needle
- buttons
- pillow form (I used scrap fabric and polyfill to make my own)

- Switch colors when you've gone through the pattern 1.5 times (3 rows of triangles)
- Pillow is worked in one piece, then stitched together on the sides with yarn and yarn needle.
- Finished dimensions: 10 inches by 13 inches

- CO 80
- Row 1: Knit
- Row 2: K1, P15 across
- Row 3: P1 *K13, P3*, repeat from * to *, end with P2
- Row 4: K3 *P11, K5*, repeat from * to *, end with K2
- Row 5: P3 *K9, P7*, repeat from * to *, end with P4
- Row 6: K5 *P7, K9*, repeat from * to *, end with K4
- Row 7: P5 *K5, P11*, repeat from * to *, end with P6
- Row 8: K7 *P3, K13*, repeat from * to *, end with K6
- Row 9: P7 *K1, P15*, repeat from * to *, end with P8
- Row 10: P8 *K1, P15*, repeat from * to *, end with P7
- Row 11: K6 *P3, K13*, repeat from * to *, end with K7
- Row 12: P6 *K5, P11*, repeat from * to *, end with P5
- Row 13: K4 *P7, K9*, repeat from * to *, end with K5
- Row 14: P4 *K9, P7*, repeat from * to *, end with P3
- Row 15: K2 *P11, K5*, repeat from * to *, end with K3
- Row 16: P2 *K13, P3*, repeat from * to *, end with P1
- Row 17: P15, K1 across
- Repeat Rows 2 - 17 until piece measures 13 inches (or desired length.)
- Bind off purlwise
- Fold piece in half. Use mattress stitch to stitch up sides, leaving room to insert pillow form. Flip case right side out, insert pillow form and stitch the rest of the opening closed.


  1. "Repeat rows 2-17 until piece measures"-measures what? There is not a number after this instruction.

  2. Until piece measures WHAT???? I GUESS we measure the form we're putting IN it?? Or larger? Please complete the instructions!

  3. Sorry everyone! My piece measured 13 inches. You can make it longer if desired. Pattern has been updated! I'll proofread better next time!

  4. Cast on 80 stitches but the first second row "k1 P15 across" only takes up 16 of 80 stitches. Are you supposed to repeat (k1 P15) till the end of the row?

  5. I am also interested in row 2, unless I'm missing something? Thanks!

  6. Any luck with an answer to row 2?


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