Knit Baby Cocoon

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Knit Newborn Cocoon Pattern

Hello old friends! And welcome to the new and improved Handcrafted Vintage. It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since my last blog post. I never intended to take a break. But life happened. And I had to take a step back.

Since it's been so long and so much has changed, I thought I'd reintroduce myself:

- My name is Rachel and I live in Knoxville, TN with my husband, puppy and BEAUTIFUL, 7-week-old baby girl.

- I'm an elementary school librarian by day, but I am a crafter at heart. I love knitting, crocheting, embroidery and just about anything else I can make with my hands.

- My crafting journey started on the school playground in the fifth grade when one of my friends taught me to crochet a hacky sack. Ha!

- I currently run two different Etsy shops:

     - Handcrafted Vintage Co. which sells knitting and crochet patterns and products.

     - The Vintage Mills which sells vintage accessories and home goods.

Knit Baby Cocoon

Now that we're reacquainted, on to the pattern!

When I was two days away from being 40 weeks pregnant, I had a panic moment when I realized I had no idea what I wanted to do for my baby's newborn pictures. I knew I wanted the pictures to feature something that I had made, because that felt so much more personal. The problem, though, was that I hadn't made anything yet! Way to wait until the last minute right??

Anyway, I needed a quick, simple project that wouldn't take too much brain power, because I looked like a whale and had absolutely NO energy left. Miraculously, I was able to whip this cocoon up BEFORE my due date and felt so much more prepared. (Funny what makes you feel prepared enough to have a baby. Ha!) Baby girl ended up cooking for an extra week, so I actually could've taken my time, but that's beside the point.

The beauty of this pattern is that it's incredibly easy. Like so easy, I'm not even sure you can call it a pattern. You're literally just going to knit a tube, and then sew up one end. Super simple and great for beginners!

- fingering weight yarn ( I used a gradient yarn from Wollelfe)
-  size 10 circular knitting needles (These are my favorite!)
- scissors
- yarn needle

- co: cast on
- k: knit

- Cocoon is worked in the round.
- There is no decrease. Piece is sewed together at the bottom to create a gathered look.

Knit Newborn Wrap

- Cast on 110 stitches. Join in the round.
- Knit each round until piece measures 14 inches.
- Bind off, leaving long tail for sewing.
- Flip piece inside out. Using a yarn needle, sew a running stitch around the entire bottom edge. Pull string tight and knot to secure. Flip piece right side out.

Knit Baby Wrap Pattern

If you decide to make one, don't forget to let me see your finished work! Tag me on Instagram @handcrafted_vintage!

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