Puff Stitch Necklace

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Crochet Puff Stitch Necklace

This pattern is actually one of the first ones I ever wrote up for the blog around three years ago. I've always loved this project, but felt that my original post didn't quite do it justice. Three years ago
I didn't know anything about taking decent pictures, utilizing social media, or anything else associated with blogging. I'm still far from an expert, but I think I can give this project the post it deserves now!

Free Crochet Flower Pattern

- cotton yarn ( I used Lily Sugar 'N Cream Yarn, Soft Ecru)
- Crochet Hook, Size F
- needle and thread (should match your yarn)
- seed beads
- Jump Ring
- necklace chain ( I used an old one I had lying around, but you can find them at any craft store.)
- scissors

- sl: slip stitch
- yo: yarn over
- ch: chain
- sc: single crochet

Puff Stitch: (worked over two stitches)
- sl into first stitch, ch 3, [yo, insert hook into stitch and draw up a loop the same height as the ch 3] 3 times, in next stitch [yo, insert hook into stitch and draw up a tall loop] 3 times, yo, pull through all loops on hook

Crochet Flower Pattern

- Make magic loop.
- Round one: work 12 sc inside the loop. Join with sl stitch in first sc.
- Round two: Work puff stitch over first two stitches, ch 2 (one petal made). Continue puff stitch, ch 2 pattern around. (You should have six puff stitch "petals.") Join with sl stitch into first sl stitch.
- Bind off and weave in ends.

Beaded Crochet Necklace

- Using needle and thread, affix seed beads all over the center of the flower. Place them as close together as possible to create a very dense collection of beads.
- Attach a jump ring to one of the flower petals and place on the necklace chain.

I really enjoyed revisiting one of my old projects and plan to do the same thing with some of my other older patterns. So be sure to check back!

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